Tools Needed for Gardening a Must Have List

Gardening Hand Tools

Even if your garden is not that huge with only a couple of small pots on your apartment balcony there are some of the essential tools you can’t survive without. As your garden grows, the basics of what you want to work expand too. To prepare, plant and maintain a healthy and captivating garden properly, you need the right gardening tools. But have you used it before? Or know about its functions?

What Does A Gardening Tool Do?

Whether you are a newbie to the world of gardening or an expert, it is better to know the right usage of gardening hand tools and to make sure you have the basic gardening tools in your arsenal for what you need to plant. It can be a head breaking task to go to a local gardening store or to a gardening section of your regular hardware store if you are not familiar with the tools used for gardening prior to shopping. All tools have their own uses and there are specific tools which are more essential than others. To help you kick start for the garden season, we have made a list of must-have gardening tools to make your gardening spirit cheer up.

  • Gloves

While gardening is a great hobby, it might turn into a thorny and stinging annoyance without the right place of garden gloves. They must be highly durable not bulky too.  They must be great to work with seeds or transplanting a sapling. Check for the fit before investing in them, as poorly fitting garden gloves can cause blisters.  Go for longer cuff gloves, as they can protect your forearms and wrists from sharp pines and keep soil from getting in.  Clean them well and pat dry to store them in a clean place out of sunlight.

  • Watering Can

A basic gardening tool that you must have. Choose the ones that can hold at least 2 gallons of water and should be easy to carry. Go for brass watering cans, as they are more durable than plastic and comes with perfect fittings.

  • Spade

A must-have gardening hand tool. It looks like a shovel but has a plane or squared blade with a plumb edge, rather than a sharp or a pointed one. Spades often come with short handles for easy maneuver. They are an excellent tool used for gardening and works great at discarding the top layer of the grass,  breaking rough roots and cleaning the sidewalks.

  • Garden Shredder

These power tools can turn debris like twigs, leaves and small branches into mulch. If your garden has huge trees and flowering plants, then this should be one of the best gardening hand tools you must invest in. 

  • Lawnmower

Every gardener and homeowner knows that they should maintain the lawn clipped back and looking good,  but they must also keep the grass down at the same time. For this reason, it is always a great idea to have a lawnmower sharpened and ready to go when you need it.

  • Trowel

A perfect gardening hand tool for planting. The trowel provides precision for plowing in small places. This tool is used to dig holes properly to plant flowers and vegetables. Choose for the broad blade ones to move more soil or a narrow and a long one to dig up rocky soils and to clear weeds. Trowels forged with steel are more durable and will last longer.  Gardening is not easy without a trowel.

Tools Used for Gardening

  • Hoe

Your garden type will decide what type of hoe is needed. A veggie garden might need a wide and sturdy one while the perennial ones need a thinner one.  Hoes are very helpful and a basic gardening tool to prepare garden or flower beds. They are also useful to cut down weeds. Choose for the one with a comfortable handle and sharp blade. Hoes are also known as stirrup hoes which comes with a square head and are pushed back and forth underneath the soul to cut down top growth. Flow hoes are great for preparing the soils in rows in veggie gardens.

  • Trug

A trug (used in traditional harvesting) is used to carry plants and equipment to the garden and the harvests back inside. You can also carry a bucket with oblong in shape which makes easier for you to carry rather than carrying a large one with heavy handles.

  • Sprinkler

Gardens need steady water input to stay healthy, Sprinklers are one of the tools that you must invest to make your garden a paradise. They are available in a wide range of designs and most comes with a hose with can be taken around the garden for stable watering.

  • Loppers

Comes with long handles and provides you added leverage to prune small branches or trees and shrubs easily.

  • Wheelbarrow

If your garden as the extra soil to be moved from one side to another side, or need heavy lifting, a wheelbarrow can help you haul a few pounds. Buy the ones with dual handle wheelbarrow or cart as the single wheel styles can be quite hard to balance heavy loads. A little extra care goes a long way, this applies for the wheelbarrow as if they are not stored properly they might get affected by rust. Check whether the wheels are inflated rightly as per the instructions for easing wheeling.

  • Garden Fork

No other gardening hand tool works as best to break down the soil in a garden bed, pitch mulch or clean up the area. A gardening fork is an efficient tool that can dig deeper than a spade. Choose for the slightly curved forks for easy scooping and straight tines for better digging. You can also buy the squared tines which are more durable than flat tines.

Now you know what are the basic gardening tools you need to maintain a healthy and clean garden. By investing in these tools, your gardening hobby becomes more interesting as well as enjoyable. Gardening is a great way to keep your busy and entertained, using the right tools and equipment gives you a professional feel and helps you to indulge in the hobby more.


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