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Plants That Keep Spiders Away

8 Amazing Plants That Keep Spiders Away and How to Grow Them

No one likes spiders. In fact, the mere sight of them can send shivers down our spines and make us want to scream in terror. However, plants that keep spiders away exist. These plants are known for their anti-arachnid properties, and they come with many benefits – not just spider prevention! Keep reading to learn more about these amazing plants and how you can grow them at home!

Lavender Plant


Lavender is a favorite herb that has been used for centuries to ward off spiders. Lavender plants have a sweet smell and will not cause any harm when in contact with humans. It can be planted near windows, balconies, or patios to keep spiders away from homes.

Plant lavender around your home’s perimeter as well as on top of doorways; Spiders don’t like the strong scent, but it won’t hurt you!

Grow lavenders in pots and put them by thresholds (spider entry points).

Planting sprigs of lavender inside closets help keep spiders away.


Mint plants are a natural way to keep spiders away. Plant mint in the backyard or at your front door, which will provide you with fresh-smelling air and it keeps mosquitoes away too!

Mint can be grown indoors as well! Place pots on a sunny windowsill and keep them watered regularly so that they will grow quickly.

Mint is also ideal for adding to tea blends because it smells amazing and has many health benefits, including reducing nausea during pregnancy.


Marigolds are perennial flowers that will grow in most climates. The plant is effective at repelling spiders from gardens and plants as well! The marigold flowers also act as an insecticide, which is great for when your garden soil needs help with pest control. Marigolds can be planted either indoors or outdoors.

When planting them outside, they should be spaced about two feet apart, so they have room to grow and spread their roots out in the ground before winter comes around again. For indoor plants, make sure you place them near a window where there’s plenty of natural light because they can’t get enough sunlight on their own due to living indoors.

Basil Plant


Another plant that has been shown to keep away both ants and spiders from gardens and plants. Cut some leaves off every few days if you want a continuous effect on them not coming back! Place basil close by so they have time to grow before winter comes around again as well! For indoor plants, put the pot inside where windows lead into other rooms, which means less light.


They’re known to help with pest control, including spiders and ants. Place them in full sun if possible for best results! You can also plant some near doors or windows, which will help deter pests from coming inside your home as well! Plant geranium plants every three feet apart, so they have plenty of space to grow big and strong too.

Citrus tree leaves

Citrus releases oxygen via their leaves, and spider webs absorb these gases, making them less hospitable to pests that might cause harm to plants. These plants also have high isoprene levels since it’s an aromatic compound found in many citrus trees. Spiders don’t like this smell because evidence suggests it triggers avoidance behavior when detected by spiders.

Citrus trees are also great at repelling wily house guests like roaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, termites, AND their webs that might otherwise get caught on furniture all around the house.

Catnip Plant


This herb is best planted in sunny areas and will help keep the spiders out of your garden. It’ll attract lots of pollinators too! If you don’t have space for a huge garden, plant it near plants that are attractive to pests, so they’re less likely to go into your other plants.”


The plant that is most commonly associated with repelling spiders is rosemary. The leaves and oil of this plant have been shown to repel over 60% of the insects known to cause harm in gardens. It can also be used for cooking, crafts, or medicinal purposes.

The Importance Of Planting Plants That Keep Spiders Away Around Your House

Spider infestations can be terrifying and difficult to get rid of. Not only do spider webs clog up corners all over the house, but we know how dangerous these creatures can be when their populations grow unchecked. 

However, if you want to deter them from climbing onto walls or coming inside your home as well as keep them from spreading out, there are plants that can help.

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