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Best Wood Chipper for Small Farm

Choose to Buy the Best Wood Chipper for Small Farm Use


A beautiful farm will need regular maintenance, a lot of love, and a few smart machines. The first two factors are upon the caretaker, however, choosing the final one is quite confusing. Amongst the list of machines is the difficult choice of choosing the best wood chipper for small farm needsIt requires you to carefully consider the space, budget, size, frequency of use, and other factors. These beautiful machines also need a power supply and a bit of portability to move around.

The wood chippers end up saving your precious time that goes waste in this unproductive job. It becomes easy for the new farm owners to clear the wood debris and handle it effectively. In the long run, these chippers and shredders also remove the need for any additional help. Hence, we mix up all the important factors and provide you the smart buying options.

All that is left for you is to relate these wood chippers to your farm’s size and decide the right fit. Buying the right wood chipper will turn your farm into a smart one in the blink of an eye! After all, you will prefer to enjoy the beauty and utility of your farm instead of wasting your efforts.

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Buyer’s Guide: Answering the Common Wood Chipper Questions

Most of us with smaller farm practices do not have enough idea about such machines. Hence, it quite helpful to go through our list of suggestions and answers to make your purchase easy. While the questions may be many, each buyer’s requirements are unique.

We suggest you focus on the common wood chipper first and the additional important factors later on. All this will lead you finally towards the best wood chipper for small farm solutions.

So, what to Look for in a wood chipper as a farmer of a Small Farm?

No man or woman ever likes a tiring session of farming that will waste their energy. Chipping and cutting top the list in such things to do for small farms and their owners. There are a lot of areas, small and big, where such wood chippers prove to be handy.

  • Decide quickly between hand drive and motor drive. If the chipping is continuous and heavy, choose the motor drive without a doubt.
  • Keep it portable to move around your farm and fit in the corners. Nobody likes to carry a chunk of wood across the carpet to shred it and then carry back the waste!
  • Any compromise on safety is an absolute NO with such chippers. Always prefer a model that gives additional safety and guards to prevent you or anyone from using it.
  • See the power input. If there is self-drive (with engine) then it is wonderful! Otherwise, choose a chipper with a motor that consumes less.
  • Make sure the storage area is sufficient to fit the machine and select as per the size.

What Makes Wood Chippers So Useful for Small Farms?

These useful machines do not need any convincing for their importance in small or big farms alike! As many as 2-3 hrs. on a typical monsoon, the day goes in wood disposal. Autumn is no different with wood and leaves creating piles everywhere in the near sight.

The shredders handle all these piles in a few minutes, while it takes hours to finish manually. Moreover, the uniform size of chipping also makes the wood chips available for sale, giving a greener option. Effective farm planning is possible with the wood chippers of a portable design. They also allow the farmers to focus on other important activities for plantation and watering.

Feature List of a Wood Chipper and Shredder Machine

Additional features in a single buy will give you an extra advantage over the common cutters. We suggest you consider this design and the working features of a wood chipper machine for extra results.

  • Strong Wheels: Choose a design with strong wheels to support the wood weight and the structure too.
  • Handle Bars: Strong handle and bottom frame will allow a stable platform for the chipper. Moreover, these bars also allow you to store the machine with minimum effort.
  • Diameter: The funnel diameter for the chipper is important to decide the wood size for feeding. Adjustable blades allow a flexible diameter but the upper limit is the final one.
  • Fibre Body: This allows the whole setup to be lightweight yet strong enough to handle the chipping with ease.
  • Drive: The mechanical drive can be with a direct engine or an electrical supply. Engine type will handle the heavier waste logs easily.

Our Best Range of Wood Chippers for Buying

We give you a careful brief of all the efficient wood chippers to suit your small farm requirements. Our selection all stand equal in quality, varying only as per size and space requirements.

Earthwise GS70015 Electric Chipper

The quality and assurance of Earthwise are important when it comes to Electric Wood Chippers. This product is suitable for people who have small farms, or lawns and need quick results. The chipper deals with branches up to 1.75” in diameter.

Moreover, the bin-type design prevents the spreading of chips and collects everything. This chipper is also effective for leaves and performs the task of shredding too. The dual role of wood chipper and shredder machine comes in handy for you. This product is useful for farm caretakers with less experience or less training.

Key Features

  • Double Blade: Each blade has dual edges to directly turn and fit for continuous use.
  • Lightweight Motor: The electric motor comes with 15 Amp consumption for low power cost and easy operation.
  • Top Feed: The design has a top feed system to easily put and remove the waste branches.
  • Easy to move: The design is easy to carry around even on farms with steep slopes or plantations.

User Reviews/Pros

  • Easily removable bin with clip attachment
  • Safe design for top feeding bin with hand prevention
  • Light body with fiber design


  • Only small farm applications
  • Not suitable for wet cutting
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Landworks Mini Wood Chipper

The Landworks Mini Wood Chipper can handle up to 3 inches of wood thickness. This design has a self-sufficient mechanical drive with a 4-stroke engine and 212 cc power. This allows you to use it for light and heavy farm duties for wood chipping.

Strong wheels and base make it a bright choice as the best wood chipper for your small farm needs. This chipper is suitable for small and mid-size farms too. The front curtain also prevents any chances of injury to you or others.

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 handling: The heavy-duty nature of this device will allow it to handle shredding and mulching too.
  • Self-Drive: The 4 stroke 212cc engine will give ample power for the drive. It handles heavy chipping with ease as a result.
  • High Reduction: The total volume goes down by 15 times when chipping or shredding through the Landworks Chipper.
  • Dual Shredding: The hammer along with the knife design contributes to the fine shedding of higher quantity wood.

User Reviews/Pros

  • Safety conscious with curtains and handgrip
  • Lesser noise due to gas drive 4-stroke design
  • Company warranty amongst the highest in its class


  • Little heavy
  • Needs closed storage
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Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Wood Chipper

The Sun Joe CJ603E is a friendly wood chipper design for young and relatively new users. A big reason is its injury-proof intake design with a tight-fit plastic top. It handles wood and root thickness of 1.7”, making it suitable for your small farms and lawns.

The design has a broad handle on top for safe handling and positioning. There is a broad base at the bottom for a solid posture while chipping. The electric system means it is high on energy conservation and a green alternative.

Key Features

  • Reduction Ratio: It will reduce the volume up to 21 times with a high chipping ratio.
  • High Bottom: The bottom height is high so you are free to put bigger collection bins or racks.
  • Top Panel: The operation panel is basic and available right on top for safe usage.
  • Green Option: There are no emissions because of the electric drive for a cleaner environment.

Customer Reviews/Pros

  • Handles a mix of wood and light leaves or branches
  • Easy to move with a single handling
  • Extra paddle for pushing the smaller branches inside


  • Separate Basket arrangement
  • Slow feed for big farms
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SuperHandy Heavy Duty Mini Wood Chipper

The SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper design is strong and easily portable for your small farms. It holds 7 horsepower design and comes with a simple nut-bolt arrangement for additional beauty. The top chute for loading is easy to adjust and comes with safety barriers.

An alpha design with a compact fuel tank makes this wood chipper easy to adjust and position. The design is capable of handling heavier branches and wood waste up to 3”. The chipping capacity is handy for farms with heavier trees or plantations too.

Key Features

  • Landscaping: Easy movement is useful for the landscaping of small farms and gardens.
  • Storage: The angle of the outlet funnel makes it easy to collect and store the chips.
  • Volume Handling: The 3” design with a big chute allows the user to handle a large quantity of wood at once.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 3-year follow-up and warranty from the maker’s side.

User Reviews/Pros

  • Handy with a simple gas power drive for greener use
  • The bottom base and wheels are strong yet soft for damping
  • The side panel is easy to handle and operate the chipper


  • A separate bar for heavy feed
  • Needs a collection bucket
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SuperHandy 1800W Electric Wood Chipper

The SuperHandy Electric Chipper is a lightweight and easy option in the small farm category. A big reason behind its utility and popularity is the use of different wood sizes. The design has a straight flow to be useful for elderly users as well.

Waste compression up to 17 times is encouraging for an excellent wood chipper for small farm options. Moreover, it does so with a small 15A current supply. The cable is plugging type and an extra waste bag is available with the machine.

Key Features

  • Dual Cutting: Double blade design is helpful for heavy chipping and shredding as well.
  • Machine Protection: Safe design and overload protection will prevent the chipper from burning out.
  • Straight Flow: The design is top loading and bottom collection type to avoid any choking under heavy loads.
  • Easy Handling: The total weight (24 pounds) along with 15.7 x 20 x 38 dimension (inches) for easy handling.

User Reviews/Pros

  • Easy to store in the small stores
  • Helpful for farmers to cut down machine weight
  • Shreds the wood to smooth and small sizes


  • Little slow for very big farms
  • Cable length is limited for remote use.
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GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper (Heavy Duty)

The GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper has a powerful 3600 RPM gas-driven motor for heavy chipping. This design has another great feature of vacuuming the farms and lawns with attachments. The machine works on air cooling to make sure there is no heating or tripping at any time.

Its 3-in-one feature includes vacuum cleaning along with the role of a wood chipper and shredder. The intake cone will allow wood thickness up to 3” for your big farms and heavy logs too.

Key Features

  • Fire Breaking: The design will act as a fire breaker for the farm duties of safety.
  • Safety Curtain: The chute has a safety cover for hand protection and environmental barrier.
  • Air Cooling: The simple airflow through cooling fins allows continuous cooling and operation.
  • Extra Help: Each machine comes with a scoop and waste bag for easy chipping and collection.

User Reviews/Pros

  • Good handling with the tough woods too.
  • Big chute to handle the large volume at once
  • Fireproof and shockproof to prevent any serious problems


  • Height is a bit high
  • The rigid handle does not shift.
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WEN 41121 Electric Wood Chipper

The WEN 41121 Electric Chipper design is a simple one that opens in the middle for cleaning. The central location of the rotating blades makes it easy for you to maintain them every time. It has a simple design like a trolly to work as a wood chipper and shredder on small farms.

The design will handle a 1.5” thickness of the wood and finds strong support through 6” wheels. Moreover, the machine has a large compression aspect up to 17 times to collect the farm wood waste.

Key Features

  • Sound Reduction: 15 Amp electric design will avoid any sound or noise for a smooth cutting.
  • Detachable: The body unfolds easily for cleaning and waste removal.
  • Straight Collection: You can collect the waste right at the bottom to avoid any spreading.
  • Thick Blades: The 7” thickness will make the design tough to deal with strong wastes too.

User Reviews/Pros

  • Low electrical consumption even with heavy chipping
  • Mulching and shredding jobs are easily possible
  • Easy to clean with a simple brush and cleaner


  • Restricts the usage over 1.5” thickness
  • Extension needed for long-distance power source
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Additional Points for buying a wood chipper

An additional few points for reaching your decision on a wood chipper help a lot. These points will
look small at the first glance but contribute hugely to the machine’s performance. Your work
efficiency and costing will reflect the importance of these in the long run too.

What type of waste will you handle in a wood chipper?

Such chippers handle the toughest of waste branches and roots quite easily. It is good to separate the wet and dry wood in advance for different piles. You are free to shred bigger leaves and other similar waste that falls off. However, the smaller leaves will go through without being shred so they are not very good in such machines. Professional farmers also use such woodcutters and chippers for bigger logs with no use.

Safe and Correct Use

The best wood chipper for small farm solutions is always an option with high safety standards. An important point in this is to keep the kids safe while handling these machines. Grills at the inlet are very helpful to avoid direct contact.

Meanwhile, the discharge funnel and its setup will allow to safely throw and collect the chips. No open rotating parts are good as they will allow even the new users to stay safe. Always prefer to give the manual a good read before you pick the task of wood chipping.

Blade Maintenance

The blades either move straight or rotate as per the design of the wood chipper. In any case, it is good to maintain the end supports with proper oiling and check the alignment. Moreover, the blade edges are good for a certain life span, so remove and change when it is time. Do not allow rust to form on the blades and keep them with a slight coating. Safe handling of blades is very important for the farmer and the machine too.

Buying Your Ideal Wood Chipper

We put forwards our collective range of selections to suit your small farms and wood chipping needs. If your farm has the typical leaf stacks, choose the ones with multiple features. Most of these companies provide a standard assurance and warranty for the chipping blades and design. However, it is good for you to refer to the safety set and papers for a smooth operation.

The right ratio of weight and movement will encourage you to select the perfect wood chipper for small farmneeds. Additional features of fire and load prevention come very handy in typical small farms. Your focus on careful storage and cleaning will also give a longer equipment life. These designs also help in collecting the waste wood and mulch after finishing. With all these factors, a cleaner and the more productive farm is easily achievable and enjoyable too!

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