6 Different Types of Gardens

Types of Garden

Generally, gardening can be a hobby for people in love with plants and trees. However, gardening is also an art, which helps to bring the best in you. The majority of the gardens are output or the outcome of a specific climate or the landscape that has happened to be. Some gardens are an imaginary extension of a gardener’s hobby or passion. Gardening can be a great hobby actually. You might love gardening as a hobby, but do you know the different types of gardening?

Well, this adds up to an extensive level of different types of gardens. Let us have a look at them and you can choose your favorite one today.

6 Different Types of Gardens

You need to have an idea of different types of gardening before you start. Of course, if you are a gardener, you might have some love towards some flowering plants. Some people grow plants to improve the environment and make it greener. Some particular types of gardens take up limited space only and let you enjoy a creative kind of gardening.  Check out these list of different types of gardens.

  1. Vegetable Gardens

It is one of the most commonly preferred gardens.  You can raise it in your backyard or even on the terrace. Yes, these vegetable gardens can be highly beneficial when it is grown organically, which means when it is produced entirely naturally without any pesticides or hazardous chemicals. These vegetable gardens can be fun to balance and maintain. Of course, if you take care of the plants, you will also benefit from them. The fresh and the organic vegetables that you always wanted to have to maintain a healthy and an in-shape physique is now available.

  1. Flower Gardens

Flowers are quite beautiful and refreshing. Flower gardens are another type of garden that you can maintain with excellent garden management skills and gardening passion. When you have a flower garden in your yard, it will not only make the yard look precious, but also your house would look aesthetically appealing to visitors. Flowers can be found in different types and colors. This is why having a colorful flower garden will add more beauty and will make your place more colorful. It is generally quite difficult to manage and maintain some flowers, but some are easily manageable. If you are careful with the flowers you have planted in your garden, you won’t have any problem.

  1. Herb Garden

Herb garden is a traditional concept. Yes, people in  ancient times preferred growing or raising herbal plants and trees that were purely medicinal. These herbs had an excellent quality of medicinal ingredients that was used to cure some common infections and diseases. However, things have changed now. We now prefer plants that require less maintenance and can grow quickly. These gardens have become old school now, as we get  ready-made medicines from nearby stores or online. Some people still have herb gardens. It contains common or cooking spices like basil, dill, sage, coriander and mint.. If you want to make your garden more beneficial, then you can grow these plants and avail the positive effects of it.

  1. Raised Gardens

Raised gardens can be a useful one when you have infertile soil. Infertile soil can be frustrating when it happens that you have your land and with zero fertility soil. A raised garden can ultimately help you in such conditions. You can create a platform that will rest above the regular soil in your garden or backyard. This platform will start to act as your new and fresh garden.

  1. Container Garden

The container gardens are quite useful and comfortable for those passionate gardeners who don’t have a specific space or a region to raise their plants and favorite trees. The name itself implies the features and the characteristics of container garden. Container gardening is nothing but involves plantation within various containers. This is a creative approach to gardening and can be built quickly. Container gardens are great fun and easy to manage.

  1. Tropical Garden

Tropical gardening is another type of gardening that has great benefit. It is an advanced level of cultivation that is commonly preferred if you are living in the tropical regions. You can get away with the gardening skills, of tropical garden. Those who are genuinely trying to grow tropical plants with various climates might have a difficult time. The tropical gardens require abundant amount of water and a high temperature to be alive. If you want to manage the tropical garden, then you need to install irrigation system too. This system will enable you to water the garden naturally and correctly.

Wrapping It Up

You can now decide and plan all the types of garden that you want to or always thought of planting. It is effortless and straightforward to do, especially if you can follow the pointers mentioned above.  Just note down or keep a record of all the types of garden and choose yours according to your location and wish list.


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