Small Space Gardening: Tips to Make the Most of it

Small Space Gardening

If you think that you can’t do much with your small garden, then it’s time that you should step up to know more about small space gardening. People who keep planning for their home decor never miss out a chance to enhance their exteriors with some eye-catchy and soul soothing gardening. You wouldn’t have even imagined what can be done to a garden to make it a place that gives you the best of sight and tranquility.

To add on the best possible beauty to your garden, there’s a lot that can be done. But that doesn’t mean you need a lot of space for it. Even the people who don’t have enough space can also use some tips and tricks to make the most of their spaces. Here are some of these tips to consider.

Use Height

When you want to create an illusion of having some space, work on using the factor of height. The good part is that there’s no restriction to what you can add on. Just like you add on mirrors, cupboards, pictures, etc to make your space look good, the same you can do with your small garden.

Walls, fence, garages, there’s a lot you can work with. To adorn high spaces, you can work on adding the trailers and creepers to your space. Let these creepers bloom up on some height with some wall mangers and window baskets. This is a way to draw the eyes upwards, which creates the illusion of making your space look bigger.

Add on Some Brightness

Garden is all about plants and blooming flowers. The amazing part is you can make these use these plants as a way to make your small garden feel larger. As you’ll add some brightly colored plants, it will make the garden look lighter and even bigger.

In this context, the bright foliage and sandy colors help a lot. In general, it is always said that the hot colors make space feel intimate while the cool colors like blue and purple recede the area of vision, which helps in making the small space seems to be larger. You can add the flowers based on the color of your house or the area where you are planting trees.

Pave Diagonally

It should be noted that the paving should not be laid with a flat edge towards your house, while you are working on the small space gardening. Lay the paving on the point through which it forms a diamond shape which helps in giving the optical illusion with which even the small garden seems to be bigger.


Creating hidden areas is another top pick of the small space gardening ideas that will help you make your garden look bigger. You can divide your garden into different sections with which no one will be able to see everything in one go. It would give a look that you have created separate garden areas, decorating each in a different style.

Add Some Furniture

Small Space Gardening Ideas

When planning on a proper garden, you can’t skip adding furniture to it. But if you do not have that much space in your garden that simply doesn’t mean that you have to bring the large dining set in your garden that takes up all the room. When you have the small garden, pick onto the foldable chairs and tables which will help in reduce cluttering in your garden.


The idea to squeeze in some large trees is one of the most effective ways to expand the beauty of your small garden. Trees add on good height to the place and even contribute in having some privacy. Here you can pick the canopy trees which can bring a leafy roof to your place, which even proves to be a benefit as these trees won’t take much space on the ground. To add on more space with it, you can try to clear out the lower stems of the trees too.

Attract Wildlife

You can’t even imagine that the birds and insects can take the show off your small garden to heights. You should plan on adding the feeding stations, roosting pouches, bird boxes, insect hotels which will help in adding some life to your small garden with some birds and insects. This natural trick can make your small garden look more exotic.

Lighting Matters

With each of these things, your small garden will look amazing in the afternoons, but what about the evenings. You need something to add on the “wow” factor to your small garden in the evening. Try layering the space with some lighting. Start with adding some of these to the steps, paths and sitting areas.

Further, you can proceed with lightening the water features in the garden and even the wall surfaces. It is to be noted that if you add the lighting at ankle level, it would help in making the completely garden glow up.

Some Privacy  will do Well

Buildings usually surround the small gardens, which seems to be a common problem. You can plan on creating a secluded seating area by installing some arches and pergolas in the garden and then covering the area with climbers. This would take your ideas of small scale gardening to a completely next level.

Make Use of Containers

Pots are everything you need for growing small trees or even for setting the flowering bedding plants. The best part is that you can change its location easily. The idea to use small gardening pots can really be impactful, making it look beautiful along with being flexible as you can change the location of these pots easily, which ultimately makes the garden easy to maintain.

With all these tips, you won’t be frowning to have a small garden when it could be transformed in a way that could look better and even more exotic to the gardens with more space. These gardening tips for the small garden would now clear the myths that only the garden with more space looks good. You never know what magic a little space can bring along.


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